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The ultimate foot set!! Put a little Exfoliator right on the pumice bar and scrub the bottoms of your feet. It’s double the effect with minimal effort. The Exfoliator has natural pumice sand (volcanic rock!) and organic sugar. This product combined with the pumice block is going to take your foot care to a whole new level!! After your scrub, rinse and pat dry. Final step is the Body Butter and socks. Liberally apply the Body Butter to your feet and place white cotton socks on top. This will give your feet a chance to absorb all the skin softening benefits of the luxurious cream.

For maximum results, do nightly for one week and then as needed.

Scent options:
Vintage Rose-just as beautiful as it sounds
Lavender-breath in the relaxing fields of lavender flowers
Eucalyptus Mint-the perfection tension relief blend of Eucalyptus and Peppermint
Bergamot-Citrus, spice, with a light floral note
Unscented-No added essential oils. Just the light earthy scent of Shea Butter

No Chemicals.
No Preservatives.
No Artificial Fragrance.

See each individual product for details of benefits and use.

Ultimate Foot Care

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